Alice Biscuit

Even though I'm actually a student of flute and composition, I now spend my time playing piano and singing! I have been a musician since I can remember and started private training in flute around the age of six. I have degrees in both Flute Performance and Composition with a minor focus in Opera Studies.


You'll find me usually at the piano and singing! I don't actually do much flute playing anymore, though every once in a while you can catch me whipping out the ol tooter mcfluter. I play a wide range of music and do both covers and original pieces. Most of my concerts here have a theme, so you'll have to catch me more than once to get the full range of what I do!


I am a live-streamer and I love streaming not only music but video games and very chilled out streams where I can get to know the people who watch me! I'm not one to be easily offended or provide a safe-space, so all my streams are definitely for mature ears and eyes only.


Thank you for your time and I can't wait to hear about your cats and tell you some dick jokes!


Hello Friends!


 I’m a live-streaming musician, entertainer and cat lady.

I stream on various sites, some of which are family friendly, some of which aren’t. My shows are much the same across different sites though, so no matter where you watch me, there’ll be music and derps. :3


  I’m so grateful for all the support my internet friends show me. Words will never be enough to convey my gratitude. You make it possible for me to do what I love for a living, and keep my head up in the clouds where it belongs. <3


Rose Lee




Harley Rose Lee is a half mermaid/half vampire type creature causing feelings on the internet. She has played the ukulele for 4 years and yes, she is playing it left-handed. Her ukulele's name is Merida, her white cat's name is Leia and the rest is a journey of discovery for the viewer.



Find out more about her brand of neo-vaudeville entertainment and her coin operated variety show by following the links below (and by bellow we mean to the right).



Sin Scarlett


I have a lifelong passion for music and took flute for years as a kid before learning acoustic guitar as a teenager. I wrote and sang original songs but guitar always  frustrated me, so I put it down for many years. In 2014 I fell in love with my current instrument, a concert-size ukulele. You can now find me singing a wide variety of songs late into the night on the Internet. My taste is extremely varied and runs from blues to Disney to big band to classic rock and modern pop. I love to laugh, and my audience tends to pride itself on making me crack up mid-song.

Aside from music I'm also a big geek and will talk about video games, animals, food, and random trivia with just about anyone. Being a singer was one of my lifelong dreams and I'm super grateful to everyone who supports me on this journey!

Veronica Chaos



X-Rated Ventriloquist and all around professional Internet weirdo.


Likes Star Trek and Oingo Boingo

Violet October

I'm the trash goth glitter princess you didn't know you needed until you found me. I'm an erotic, eratic tease from hell.

I live in a perpetual state of creative chaos and invite you to come revel in it with me. But I'm also a sillypants who wants to have fun with you online.


Hi! My name is Cosmic and I am a musician from Australia.


Music has been my passion for as long as I can remember. The first instrument I learnt to play was the Paraguayan harp (much like the classical harp except that it is made from wood and has a much crisper sound). I then transferred what I learnt from the harp to the piano and, lastly, learnt the guitar in my early 20s.


Everything from singing to playing my instruments has been by ear (no lessons!).


Music is my love, my life, my rock... as if it were the air I breathe...


Besides being an music-loving geek, I am also quirky and energetic. I laugh at the silliest things, enjoy the small things in life and am a very affectionate person.

My favourite things - RAINBOWS AND VAMPIRES!

I immensely dislike - Balloons and the number 13


Tigger Rosey


I bet you heard Tigger’s are wonderful things…. and indeed they are!


Casual ukulele player, occasional cat wrangler, impromptu chef, careless hula hooper, and full-time person. I believe in a positive outlook on life, and that we should all try to be the best we can be. (no matter how bad that is)


Follow me on twitter or twitch and watch me game, or buy my smut, LOL!



Living proof that gingers have souls.

I'm a Ukulele rockin, singer and songwriter. I also jam a little guitar and piano though my true talents lay in my writing and vocals, I believe.

I'm a true addict of Coca-Cola and major Pixar enthusiast.

La Vien Rose is my life theme song and I'm oh so madly in love with living.



Hi, I'm Cyanide.

My interests include wrangling carpet pythons, getting stabbed in the face and horror films. I am a YouTuber, MFC boradcaster and fire performer.

On JTM you will often see me trying not to set my dreads on fire with my latest fire prop.

Looking forward to showing you all I have to offer

Malunaa Breeze

Hello! I’m Malunaa Breeze~


I have many creative outlets with a thirst to taste more.

Thank you so much to everyone who has shown interest in my sound!



Sonic Biscuit

Madelynne Pond


If you visit my livestream, you may find me serenading you with Jazz standards while scantily clad or maybe trying my hand at the music of Bach after having taken a shot of whiskey! On what instrument you ask? Well I sing and play guitar, cello, and bass.


I offer a growing number of video song recordings, and take requests for new covers to add to my growing repertoire of over 80 songs.


Next, I’m working towards writing and recording an original album and repurchasing a cello!


Might occasionally pop up on screen for tech related reasons.


Do not be alarmed, unless he decides to sing, in which case cover your ears and pray the fit of madness passes fast!


Species: Erinaceidae