We are a live-streaming platform that hosts private concerts including music and other various acts!


In early 2016, an idea was formed to host a concert where musicians (and various live-performance artists) could perform and show their talents in a dedicated, pressure-free place. A place where eventually all artists, and their fans, would be welcomed. On March 6th, 2016, the first JtM was hosted.


JtM was everything they had hoped it would be. It started with just one concert featuring Alice Biscuit, Cosmic Rainbow, and Magnolia Snow. It was a chance for the lovely ladies to share their vocal and instrumental skills. A year, and many more concerts after its conception, JtM has grown from a three performer concert into a multi-day celebration of all talents! We know have our very own site thanks to the hard work of everyone involved and the support of donators who believed in it.


A big welcome all performers and those who enjoy the arts to our platform to multiple concerts every month! We are always looking for new talent so we welcome anyone with artistic talent and live-streaming experience to come and perform. We are 18+ here, allowing artistic nudity and adult language.


Thank you to all of our ticket-purchasers, without you we could not do this! You are the the driving force behind the art that is made here. Our live-chats during the concerts have always been friendly, funny, and full of feels. We aim to provide a platform where all of our audience has a positive and inspiring experience. We are more than just a site, performers, and audience: we are the JtM Community!


Apples (applause) to everyone involved. Past, present, and future!


JtM Staff:
Sonic - Creator and Technical Support

Magnolia Snow - Social Media and Public Relations

Hanlon - Scheduling and Artist Organizer